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InSite by the Numbers

InSite Usage:
- Average of 700-800 visits a day, and over 275,000 visits annually
- As of March 2010, there have been over 1.5 million visits
- Over 12,000 unique individuals registered
- Average of 11 visits per month, per person

Harm Reduction:
- A total of 2395 overdoses since the facility opened, with no fatalities.
- Over 1200 ODs since Insite opened - no fatalities
- 20,000 referrals to health/services in 2008-2009; over 50% of these were to detox
- InSite users are 30% more likely to engage in addiction treatment than non-InSite users

Benefits to the health care system:
The benefit of preventing HIV infections and deaths is calculated to be between $1.50 and $4.02 (depending on the model used) for every $1.00 spent. These calculations are based upon an underestimate of the full range of benefits, and an overestimate of the annual costs of operation of the facility

Community Support
- 57% of Lower Mainland residents support InSite
- 65% of City of Vancouver residents support InSite
(Angus Reid poll, May 31 2008)

Infectious Diseases
- 3 in 10 injection drug users in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) are HIV positive
- 18% of InSite clients are HIV positive
- There were 30 new HIV cases in the DTES compared to 2100 new cases in 1996
- Lifetime costs for a new HIV infection are close to $500,000 US

Hepatitis C
- 9 in 10 injection users in the DTES have Hepatitis C
- 87% of InSite clients have Hepatitis C

InSite participants
- 27% of clients are women
- 19% of clients are Aboriginal
- 17% of clients are homeless
- 68% of clients live in the DTES
- 80% of clients have a history of incarceration
- 73% of users have injected in public before

Drug use
- Heroin was used in 42% of injections
- Cocaine was used in 26% of injections
- Morphine was used in 11% of injections

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